Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo Articulare (ELDOA) is a revolutionary strengthening exercise for easing and reducing disk related pain. ELDOA is a longitudinal osteo-articular decopatation of the spine which aims to create a position of the body with the intention to widen the space between the vertebrae.  A correct ELDOA exercise requires total mind and body awareness together with correct diaphragmatic breathing in order to be effective. The advantage of these postures is that once you learn them, they take only a minute a day to perform.

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As we grow older our vertebra are subject to forces and activities that can mean less disc height and joint space for nerves.

While this is a normal sequela of events over a lifetime, it can be accelerated by lifestyle, sport and activities.

ELDOA when incorporated with myofascial stretching can help increase the space between joints causing less irritation of both the joint, nerve and allowing surrounding muscles to relax their tension.



Many sporting activities produce excessive or repetitive compressive forces on joints of the body and as a they can become sore and inflamed, creating muscle and fascial tensions that compress the joint further.

Golf, for example, involves creating rotational movements around the legs, hips and spine. As muscular and fascial tension increase, the shape of our spine can change leading to increased levels of stress on other parts of the body or the spine to compensate. These compensations can cause either injury or a chronic overload, causing pain or reducing range of movement so effecting the golf swing.

ELDOA can improve spinal and peripheral joint proprioception and kinesthestic awareness leading to improved biomechanical efficiency and as a result less stress on joints of the body




Health // Performance 37 Derby St. believe that small group work enables us to ensure clients learn how to use the correct postures, allowing clients to go away confident that they can continue self practice on their own to help manage their problems.

Classes are therefore limited in size at the HP37 Derby St. studio (Other venues may have bigger classes depending on requirements).

Classes will incorporate a number of warm up and activation exercises together with myofascial stretches to facilitate correct ELDOA positions.

Contact Joe Hayes, New England Lead Instructor, for information about certification courses.