Health // Performance is excited to be working with one of the worlds leading Genetic Testing companies in assessing your unique DNA.



DNAFit are an established UK based company that have won many awards for their leading innovative work in the field of DNA testing for fitness and diet profiles. Genetics is only one part of the picture, so you can never overstate the application of genetics in the real world. The value comes from understanding your genetic profile in conjunction with your goals, lifestyle and environment - the whole picture.

High Quality

The quality assurance of the labs they use for testing, and the number of SNPs they test, is in our opinion, more applicable to our clients than many other companies products in this field.  DNAFit adhere to a strict scientific standard, underpinned by their industry leading code of practice, so we know the information you’re getting is the best there is. This measured approach is why DNAFit is the most respected provider of fitness and nutrition genetics worldwide, and it’s the reason customers such major health gyms, professional sports teams and even the military put their confidence in DNAFit.

DNAFit require a minimum of three peer reviewed studies to include a SNP.
— Dr. Craig Pickering, Science Advisor DNAFit

These studies also need to be done in humans. Other companies don’t have the same criteria; if you look at their reference lists you will see a number of studies conducted in mice and rats. This strict criteria allows DNAFit to ensure that the SNPs we select, and hence the advice we give, is of high quality.

Secondly, DNAFit are the first and only sports genetic testing company to show that their information has validity, as per the papers we have published and continue to publish. So, we can be pretty sure that using the DNAFit report will improve the training programmes for people, because it’s been tested. We can’t say the same for other companies.



We hope you will enjoy utilising this new science and together with individual feedback get a better understanding of your bodies potential for exercise and diet. Many of us go through a lifetime of trying different diets and whichever ‘en-vogue’ eating style is present at the time – should I try a low fat diet, paleo, low carb and so forth. The same goes for training – should I be lifting weights, should I do more endurance, should I do circuits and how much of each type of exercise is best for me? HP37 can help you get closer to answers.

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