Therapy can help people of all ages; offering solutions to:

  • Postural imbalances and pain

  • Back and neck pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Pre and post-surgery

  • Joint proprioception and range of movement

  • Circulatory improvement of blood and lymph through exercise and therapy

  • Improve emotional well being and relieve stress

  • Reduce pain & dependency on medication

  • Headaches

  • Digestive problems

  • Fatigue and sleep problems

  • Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ)

  • And more...

Health // Performance base their services on the therapeutic approach consisting of hands on massage and Manual Osteopathy, which is based on the interactions between the different body systems responsible for maintaining health. The therapeutic aim is to restore the mobility of anatomical structures, as well as to normalize the free flow and fluctuations of all bodily tissues (blood circulation, lymph, etc.)

We will use different testing modalities to determine and create an individualized therapy treatment. Depending on your needs treatment will target your joints, ligaments, tendons, soft tissues, visceral or neuromuscular system to help facilitate optimum motor control and function. 

As few as one 60 minute session can re-establish normal function of the body, depending on the degree of injury.

After each treatment the patient will be given corrective exercises to do on their own, which will further improve results.