Health // Performance offers private and semi-private sessions.  The foundation of our programs rest on the concept of bio-individuality, program periodization, and mental and body regeneration.  Health // Performance bases their work on world-class experience utilizing non-specific and sports specific exercises, as well as advanced injury prevention training.


Biomechanics and Injury Risk

Poor biomechanics during movement can cause increased wear and tear on joints and the supporting structures around them such as the joint capsule, joint, ligaments and tendons. This increased wear and tear can create inappropriate muscle tensions in the body which can lead to changes in proprioception and further exacerbate poor biomechanics.

After an injury or surgery research has shown that people will move differently to protect the joint/muscle/tendon and this leads to further injury risk as structures try to compensate.

At Health//Performance we aim to improve or re-establish correct biomechanics using proprioceptive exercises, mobility and stability exercises, strengthening, ELDOA and myofascial stretching.

Correcting biomechanics can help to minimise injury risk and increase training loads leading to increased performance.

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Speed, Strength & Power

Developing speed, strength and power is crucial across all sports, including Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Golf and Track.

Health//Performance have extensive experience in helping clients improve these parameters.

We utilize new technology such as 'Train to Push,' developed to allow coaches to use real time feedback on velocity based exercises to help clients improve their fitness and performance.

We use 'Train with Push' with clients to monitor fatigue and readiness to train, determining optimal daily training loads, motivating clients while gauging effort and performance to help minimise injury risk while maximizing performance.

Contact us to discuss how 'Train with Push' can help you achieve your speed, strength and power goals quicker and more efficiently.

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Olympic standard training

Health//Performance has extensive experience working with world class coaches and athletes to help them develop a pathway to performance integrating strength and conditioning, nutrition and recovery. 

While we can develop individualized programs for clients we are also keen to provide consultation and guidance services to team coaches interested in incorporating preventative and performance exercises into their programs. 

Health//Performance has experience working with professional and semi-professional athletes from football, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, ice hockey, golf, tennis and track to name a few sports.

We can provide Sport Specific  Training for Ice Hockey, Speed and Power, Track and Field, Tennis and Golf to name a few.

For more information of how we can help you please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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